Notification Settings

With Avontage you have control over the notifications you receive, and how you receive them. To reach these settings click on the navigation arrow next to your profile image and select Settings. Next click on Notifications from the left side navigation. From this screen enable or disable the notification types you want to receive by text message or email.

These are examples of notification options.

I want to get an SMS/Text notification on mobile when...

  • ...I sell my Offers
  • ...A buyer sends me a message or a request
  • ...I have forgotten to confirm an order as completed/redeemed
  • ...A system wide important announcement is sent by Avontage team


  • Send me a daily newsletter if there are new offers
  • Send me a weekly newsletter if there are new offers
  • Don't send me newsletters

Emails from administrators

  • I accept to receive occasional emails from the Avontage team

I want to get an email notification when...

  • ...someone sends me a message
  • ...someone comments on my offer or request
  • ...someone accepts my offer or request
  • ...someone rejects my offer or request
  • ...someone gives me feedback
  • ...I have forgotten to confirm an order as completed
  • ...I have forgotten to give feedback on an event
  • ...someone marks my order as completed
  • ...I receive a new payment
  • ...someone I follow posts a new offer