How to Post an Offer

Posting an offer on Avontage enables others in the community to view your product or service. Here's how to get started.

  1. While logged in to your account, click on Post an Offer
  2. Select a category for your offer.
  3. Select the subcategory that describes your offer.
  4. Select if you are posting an Offer or Request.
  5. Enter a catchy and descriptive title for your offer. Your title can be up to 60 characters long. 
  6. Enter the fair market value in $USD/Avontage Bucks, one Avontage Buck = $1 USD.
  7. Write a detailed description of your offer. If your description contains YouTube links, the videos will be shown below the description. (Descriptions are limited to 5,000 characters.)
  8. Add hashtags that will help others search for your offers.
  9. Select if the offer is virtual or in person. 
  10. Choose how many of these offers you will make available each month.
  11. Provide step-by-step instructions describing what the buyer needs to do after purchasing the offer.
  12. Next, provide your website, registration, booking link, or any form of contact you would like used to redeem the offer.
  13. Location: if you have a physical location you will list the address of your business. Otherwise, list the city you are located in.
  14. Upload images to your offer so that they stand out on the website and showcase the product or service you provide. The image should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format at 660 x 440 pixels.
  15. Select if you will auto-accept offers which will eliminate manually accepting or declining offers.
  16. Finally - click Save and Post Offer!

TIP: Grab the lower right corner of the Description and Hashtag boxes to enlarge them if you need more room.