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How It Works

Avontage is an online marketplace for 
local businesses, freelancers, and marketers 
to trade-exchange services without spending any money. 
Business barter trading is the smartest way to 
conserve your cash and grow your business.

For Local Service Businesses & Venues

Offer your goods, services, empty seats 
and more in our robust marketplace. 
Then get the goods, services, and employee rewards 
you need without increasing your overhead.


For Freelancers & Creatives
Leverage your skills!
 You can trade your down time for valuable goods and services you need. 
Plus you expand your portfolio and testimonials!


For Digital Marketers  & Influencers
Make your unused ad space and digital services work for you! 
Trade your marketing finesse for goods and services you need. 
You can even outsource some of your tasks to skilled freelancers!

How to Trade Your Services
It takes less than 5 minutes to join

  1. Join Us with a FREE account.
  2. Post Your Offers. What can you trade to provide both value and a great first impression of your business?
  3. After you post, you'll receive a welcome bonus of A$200 Avontage Bucks! Our site trade credit point system.
  4. Shop Around. Spend your bonus Avontage Bucks on things you need!
  5. Network at our Community Virtual Hour and Community Forum.
  6. Trade your goods and services. Then use your earned A-Bucks to get goods and services your business needs!

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